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Archivio delle pubblicazioni: VQR 2011-2014

2011Nanofibrous PANI-based conductive polymers for trace gas analysisElectrospinning; Environmental effects; PANi-blends; Texture analysisArticolo in rivista avanzataMacagnano, A.; Zampetti, E.; Pantalei, S.; De Cesare, F.; Bearzotti, A.; Persaud, K. C.
2011Environmental information systems on the internet: A need for changeVoluntary Geographic Information; High Level Concept; Platform Provider; Environmental Information System; Maritime Policy Contributi in atti di convegno areaSchade, Sven; Fogarty, Barbara; Kobernus, Michael; Schleidt, Katharina; Gaughan, Paul; Mazzetti, Paolo; Berre, Arne Jørgen
2011Possible social relevance of illicit psychotropic substances present in the atmosphereAirborne particulate; Psychotropic substances; Clinical statistics; Criminal statistics; Drug prevalence indexesArticolo in rivista, Angelo; Balducci, Catia; Guerriero, Ettore; Sprovieri, Francesca; Cofone, Franco
2011Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy associated with a multiple-sclerosis- like picture in a mandemyelinating disease; Harding's syndrome; Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy; mitochondrial DNA mutation; multiple sclerosisArticolo in rivista areaLa Russa, Antonella; Cittadella, Rita; Andreoli, Virginia; Valentino, Paola; Trecroci, Francesca; Caracciolo, Manuela; Gallo, Olivier; Gambardella, Antonio; Quattrone, Aldo
2011Biomimetic sensing layer based on electrospun conductive polymer websElectrospinning; Nanofibres; Bioinspired systems; Electronic nose; PANi blendsArticolo in rivista avanzataZampetti, E.; Pantalei, S.; Scalese, S.; Bearzotti, A.; De Cesare, F.; Spinella, C.; Macagnano, A.
2011From sensor to observation web with environmental enablers in the future internetEnvironmental enablers; Environmental usage area; Future internet; Internet of content; Internet of people; Internet of services; Internet of things; Observation web; Open standards; Requirements analysis; Sensor webArticolo in rivista areaHavlik, Denis; Schade, Sven; Sabeur, Zoheir A.; Mazzetti, Paolo; Watson, Kym; Berre, Arne J.; Mon, Jose Lorenzo
2011Effects of temperature and humidity on electrospun conductive nanofibers based on polyaniline blendsElectrospinning; Conductive polymers; Humidity; Nanofibers; Polyaniline; Sensor; Temperature treatmentArticolo in rivista avanzataZampetti, E.; Muzyczuk, A.; Macagnano, A.; Pantalei, S.; Scalese, S.; Spinella, C.; Bearzotti, A.
2011Penetrators for in situ subsurface investigations of EuropaAstrobiology; EJSM; Europa; PenetratorsArticolo in rivista avanzataGowen, R. A.; Smith, A.; Fortes, A. D.; Barber, S.; Brown, P.; Church, P.; Collinson, G.; Coates, A. J.; Collins, G.; Crawford, I. A.; Dehant, V.; Chela-Flores, J.; Griffiths, A. D.; Grindrod, P. M.; Gurvits, L. I.; Hagermann, A.; Hussmann, H.; Jaumann, R.; Jones, A. P.; Joy, K. H.; Karatekin, O.; Miljkovic, K.; Palomba, E.; Pike, W. T.; Prieto-Ballesteros, O.; Raulin, F.; Sephton, M. A.; Sheridan, S.; Sims, M.; Storrie-Lombardi, M. C.; Ambrosi, R.; Fielding, J.; Fraser, G.; Gao, Y.; Jones, G. H.; Kargl, G.; Karl, W. J.; MacAgnano, A.; Mukherjee, A.; Muller, J. P.; Phipps, A.; Pullan, D.; Richter, L.; Sohl, F.; Snape, J.; Sykes, J.; Wells, N.
2011Presenilin enhancer-2 gene: Identification of a novel promoter mutation in a patient with early-onset familial Alzheimer's diseaseAlzheimer's disease; Gene dosage; Mutational analysis; Presenilin enhancer-2 gene; ?-SecretaseArticolo in rivista areaAndreoli, Virginia; Trecroci, Francesca; La Russa, Antonella; Cittadella, Rita; Liguori, Maria; Spadafora, Patrizia; Caracciolo, Manuela; Di Palma, Gemma; Colica, Carmela; Gambardella, Antonio; Quattrone, Aldo
2011Soil genesis, morphodynamic processes and chronological implications in two soil transects of SE Sardinia, Italy: Traditional pedological study coupled with laser ablation ICP-MS and radionuclide analysesLA-ICP-MS; Morphodynamic processes and rates; Radionuclide disequilibria; Soil genesisArticolo in rivista areaScarciglia, Fabio; Tuccimei, Paola; Vacca, Andrea; Barca, Donatella; Pulice, Iolanda; Salzano, Roberto; Soligo, Michele
2011Flexible sensorial system based on capacitive chemical sensors integrated with readout circuits fully fabricated on ultra thin substrateFlexible electronics; Alcohols; Capacitive sensor; Flexible sensor; Ultra thin substrateArticolo in rivista avanzataZampetti, E.; Maiolo, L.; Pecora, A.; Maita, F.; Pantalei, S.; Minotti, A.; Valletta, A.; Cuscun, M.; Macagnano, A.; Fortunato, G.; Bearzotti., A.
2011Presenilin-2 gene mutation presenting as Lewy Body dementia?Lettera all'editore areaRaciti, Loredana; Nicoletti, Alessandra; Le Pira, Francesco; Andreoli, Virginia; Contrafatto, Donatella; Lanzafame, Salvatore; Maci, Tiziana; Gambardella, Antonio; Quattrone, Aldo; Zappia, Mario
2011Chemical characteristics of inorganic ammonium salts in PM2.5 in the atmosphere of Beijing (China)Articolo in rivista ambienteIanniello, A.; Spataro, F.; Esposito, G.; Allegrini, I.; Hu, M.; Zhu, T.
2011Chemical characterization of atmospheric PM in Delhi, India, during different periods of the year including Diwali festivalParticulate matter; Chemical composition; Delhi; Elemental solubility; Fireworks; Trace elementsArticolo in rivista ambientePerrino, Cinzia; Tiwari, Suresh; Catrambone, Maria; Torre, Stefano Dalla; Rantica, Elena; Canepari, Silvia
2011Inter-disciplinary interoperability for global sustainability researchKnowledge management; Semantic interoperability; Spatial Data InfrastructuresContributi in atti di convegno areaCraglia, Massimo; Nativi, Stefano; Santoro, Mattia; Vaccari, Lorenzino; Fugazza, Cristiano
2011Chemical composition of aerosol size fractions at a coastal site in southwestern Italy: Seasonal variability and transport influenceArticolo in rivista areaSprovieri, F.; Bencardino, M.; Cofone, F.; Pirrone, N.
2011Identifying the research and infrastructure needs for the global assessment of hazardous chemicals ten years after establishing the Stockholm conventionArticolo in rivistaánová, Jana; Diamond, Miriam; Jones, Kevin; Lammel, Gerhard; Lohmann, Rainer; Pirrone, Nicola; Scheringer, Martin; Balducci, Catia; Bidleman, Terry; Bláha, Karel; Bláha, Luděk; Booij, Kees; Bouwman, Henk; Breivik, Knut; Eckhardt, Sabine; Fiedler, Heidelore; Garrigues, Philippe; Harner, Tom; Holoubek, Ivan; Hung, Hayley; MacLeod, Matthew; Magulova, Katarina; Mosca, Silvia; Pistocchi, Alberto; Simonich, Staci; Smedes, Foppe; Stephanou, Euripides; Sweetman, Andy; Šebková, Kateřina; Venier, Marta; Vighi, Marco; Vrana, Branislav; Wania, Frank; Weber, Roland; Weiss, Peter
2011Calculations of in-snow NO2 and OH radical photochemical production and photolysis rates: A field and radiative-transfer study of the optical properties of Arctic (Ny-lesund, Svalbard) snowArticolo in rivista ambienteFrance, J. L.; King, M. D.; Lee-Taylor, J.; Beine, H. J.; Ianniello, A.; Domine, F.; MacArthur, A.
2011Variability of atmospheric aerosol and ozone concentrations at marine, urban, and high-altitude monitoring stations in southern Italy during the 2007 summer Saharan dust outbreaks and wildfire episodesArticolo in rivista areaBencardino, M.; Sprovieri, F.; Cofone, F.; Pirrone, N.
20121/f noise and its unusual high-frequency deactivation at high biasing currents in carbon black polymers with residual 1/fγ (γ = 2.2) noise and a preliminary estimation of the average trap energy1/f noise; Carbon black polymers; Chemical sensors; NoiseArticolo in rivista avanzataFalconi, Christian; Di Natale, Corrado; Martinelli, Eugenio; D'Amico, Arnaldo; Zampetti, Emiliano; Gardner, Julian W.; Van Vliet, Carolyne M.
2012Development of a new automated clean-up system for the simultaneous analysis of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (PCDDs), dibenzofurans (PCDFs) and 'dioxin-like' polychlorinated biphenyls (dl-PCB) in flue gas emissions by GPC-SPEArticolo in rivista, Gianluca; Mosca, Silvia; Guerriero, Ettore; Rotatori, Mauro
2012Long-term automated sampling of PCDD/PCDF flue gas: Current status and critical issuesLong-term sampling; PCDD/PCDF; Persistent organic pollutants; Shut down; Start up; Transient conditions; Waste incinerationArticolo in rivista, M.; Mosca, S.; Guerriero, E.; Rotatori, M.
2012Concentration of organic micropollutants in the atmosphere of Trieste, ItalyAmbient air; BaP; Emission source; PCBs; PCDD/Fs; Sintering plantArticolo in rivista, S.; Torelli, G. N.; Tramontana, G.; Guerriero, E.; Rotatori, M.; Bianchini, M.
2012Multidisciplinary interoperability for earth observations: Some architectural issuesDistributed information systems; GEOSS interoperability; sensor web; web servicesArticolo in rivista areaMazzetti, Paolo; Nativi, Stefano
2012WPS mediation: An approach to process geospatial data on different computing backendsGanga; Geospatial data; Grid computing; Mediation; PyWPS; Web Processing ServiceArticolo in rivista areaGiuliani, Gregory; Nativi, Stefano; Lehmann, Anthony; Ray, Nicolas
2012Influence of circulation patterns on temperature behavior at the regional scale: A case study investigated via neural network modelingClimate variability; Neural networks; Nonlinear models; Surface temperatureArticolo in rivista areaPasini, Antonello; Langone, Rocco
2012ICT methodologies and spatial data infrastructure for air quality information managementGEOSS; GEO; geografical web service; GeoICT; ICT; INSPIRE; spatial data infrastructureArticolo in rivista areaD'Amore, Francesco; Cinnirella, Sergio; Pirrone, Nicola
2012Integrative research: The EuroGEOSS experienceGeographic information systems; geoscience and remote sensing; integrative research; research initiativesArticolo in rivista areaVaccari, Lorenzino; Craglia, Massimo; Fugazza, Cristiano; Nativi, Stefano; Santoro, Mattia
2012Large-scale chemical sensor array testing biological olfaction conceptsComputational models for chemical sensing; conducting polymers; large-scale chemical sensor arrays; olfactory receptor neurons (ORNs); redundancyArticolo in rivista avanzataBernabei, Mara; Persaud, Krishna C.; Pantalei, Simone; Zampetti, Emiliano; Beccherelli, Romeo
2012New developments on emerging organic pollutants in the atmosphereIllicit drugs; Atmosphere; MTBE; Organic emerging contaminants; SiloxanesArticolo in rivista EmergentiBalducci, Catia; Perilli, Mattia; Romagnoli, Paola; Cecinato, Angelo
2012Thermal stability of inorganic and organic compounds in atmospheric particulate matterAmmonium salts; Atmospheric particulate matter; Sampling artefact; Thermo-optical analysis; Thermogravimetric analysis; WaterArticolo in rivista ambientePerrino, Cinzia; Marconi, Elisabetta; Tofful, Luca; Farao, Carmela; Materazzi, Stefano; Canepari, Silvia
2012Lessons learnt from the first EMEP intensive measurement periodsArticolo in rivista ambienteAas, W.; Tsyro, S.; Bieber, E.; Bergström, R.; Ceburnis, D.; Ellermann, T.; Fagerli, H.; Frölich, M.; Gehrig, R.; Makkonen, U.; Nemitz, E.; Otjes, R.; Perez, N.; Perrino, C.; Prévôt, A. S.H.; Putaud, J. P.; Simpson, D.; Spindler, G.; Vana, M.; Yttri, K. E.
2012A contribution to attribution of recent global warming by out-of-sample Granger causality analysisAttribution; Global warming; Granger causality; Time seriesArticolo in rivista areaAttanasio, Alessandro; Pasini, Antonello; Triacca, Umberto
2012The measurement of the sink properties of triethanolamine (TEA) as a coating for collecting NO2 by using annular diffusion denudersAnnular denuder; Air sampling; Diffusion denuder; Nitrogen dioxide; TriethanolamineArticolo in rivista ambienteVichi, Francesca; De Santis, Franco
2012Influence of aerosol and surface reflectance variability on hyperspectral observed radianceArticolo in rivista areaBassani, C.; Cavalli, R. M.; Antonelli, P.
2012Sampling and analytical methods for assessing the levels of organic pollutants in the atmosphere: PAH, phthalates and psychotropic substances: A short reviewPsychotropic substances; Organic contaminants; PAH; Perfluoroalkanes; PhthalatesArticolo in rivista EmergentiCecinato, Angelo; Balducci, Catia; Mastroianni, Daniele; Perilli, Mattia
2012On-chip fabrication of ultrasensitive NO 2 sensors based on silicon nanowiresArticolo in rivista avanzataCuscunà, Massimo; Convertino, Annalisa; Zampetti, Emiliano; Macagnano, Antonella; Pecora, Alessandro; Fortunato, Guglielmo; Felisari, Laura; Nicotra, Giuseppe; Spinella, Corrado; Martelli, Faustino
2012Speedy methodology for geometric correction of MIVIS dataMIVIS; Geometric corrections; Polynomial model; Ractional function modelArticolo in rivista areaFontinovo, Giuliano; Allegrini, Alessia; Atturo, Catia; Salvatori, Rosamaria
2012Evidence of recent causal decoupling between solar radiation and global temperatureGranger causality; causes of recent global warming; sun-temperature relationshipArticolo in rivista areaPasini, Antonello; Triacca, Umberto; Attanasio, Alessandro
2013Qualitative and quantitative determination of water in airborne particulate matterArticolo in rivista ambienteCanepari, S.; Farao, C.; Marconi, E.; Giovannelli, C.; Perrino, C.
2013Toward the next generation of air quality monitoring: MercuryAir quality; Global monitoring; Mercury; New technologiesArticolo in rivista areaPirrone, Nicola; Aas, Wenche; Cinnirella, Sergio; Ebinghaus, Ralf; Hedgecock, Ian M.; Pacyna, Jozef; Sprovieri, Francesca; Sunderland, Elsie M.
2013Flexible sensing systems based on polysilicon thin film transistors technologyFlexible electronics; Polysilicon thin film transistors; Sensing systemsArticolo in rivista avanzataMaiolo, Luca; Pecora, Alessandro; Maita, Francesco; Minotti, Antonio; Zampetti, Emiliano; Pantalei, Simone; Macagnano, Antonella; Bearzotti, Andrea; Ricci, Davide; Fortunato, Guglielmo
2013The UNEP Fate And Transport Partnership Area: An overview of seven years activity and future plansMercury pollution; UNEP Global Mercury Partnership; UNEP Mercury Air Transport and Fate Research; UNEP Mercury ProgrammeArticolo in rivista areaFino, A.; Strincone, M.; Pirrone, N.
2013Environmental model access and interoperability: The GEO Model Web initiativeComposition as a Service (CaaS); Environmental Modelling; GEOSS; Interoperability; Model as a Service (MaaS); Model WebArticolo in rivista areaNativi, Stefano; Mazzetti, Paolo; Geller, Gary N.
2013Changes in daily precipitation extremes in the Mediterranean from 1951 to 2010: The Basilicata region, southern ItalyAnnual and seasonal trend analysis; Basilicata; Multi-day precipitation events; Precipitation extremes; Southern ItalyArticolo in rivista areaPiccarreta, M.; Pasini, A.; Capolongo, D.; Lazzari, M.
2013A nanostructured composite based on polyaniline and gold nanoparticles: Synthesis and gas sensing propertiesArticolo in rivista avanzataVenditti, Iole; Fratoddi, Ilaria; Russo, Maria Vittoria; Bearzotti, Andrea
2013Gas sensor based on photoconductive electrospun titania nanofibres operating at room temperatureElectrospinning; Ammonia; Gas sensor; Nanofibres; PhotoconductivityArticolo in rivista avanzataZampetti, E.; Macagnano, A.; Bearzotti, A.
2013Improving sensing features of a nanocomposite PEDOT:PSS sensor for NO breath monitoringAsthma monitoring; Electrospun titania; Fem analysis; Hybrid nanosensors; PEDOT:PSSArticolo in rivista avanzataPantalei, Simone; Zampetti, Emiliano; Bearzotti, Andrea; De Cesare, Fabrizio; Macagnano, Antonella
2013Evaluation of the measurement uncertainty in automated long-term sampling of PCDD/PCDFsLong-term sampling; PCDD/PCDF; Waste incineration; Bottom-up approach; Measurement uncertainty; Repeatability; Top-down approachArticolo in rivista, M.; D'Emilia, G.; Mosca, S.; Guerriero, E.; Rotatori, M.
2013The cycling and sea-air exchange of mercury in the waters of the Eastern Mediterranean during the 2010 MED-OCEANOR cruise campaignDissolved gaseous mercury; Filtered total mercury; Gaseous elemental mercury; Mercury evasional flux; Unfiltered total mercuryArticolo in rivista, L.; Manca, G.; Ammoscato, I.; Pirrone, N.; Sprovieri, F.
2013Characterisation of the local topsoil contribution to airborne particulate matter in the area of Rome (Italy). Source profilesParticulate matter; Elemental ratio; Local topsoil; Resuspension; Rome; Source signatureArticolo in rivista ambientePietrodangelo, A.; Salzano, R.; Rantica, E.; Perrino, C.
2013Determination of 5-ethylidene-2-norbornene in industrial emissionCharcoal; Ethylidene; Industrial emissions; Norbornene; para-tert-Butylcatechol; Polymerization; Reactive; Volatile organic compoundArticolo in rivista, Fabio; Guerriero, Ettore; Mosca, Silvia; Rotatori, Mauro
2013Atmospheric particulate organic matter at urban and forest sites of Northern AlgeriaPAHs; Molecular markers; N-Alkanes; N-Alkanoic acids; NPAHs; Particulate organic matterArticolo in rivista EmergentiMoussaoui, Y.; Balducci, C.; Cecinato, A.; Meklati, B. Y.
2013Occurrence of atmospheric nitrous acid in the urban area of Beijing (China)Annular denuder; Heterogeneous chemistry; Hydroxyl radical; Nitrogen oxides; Nitrous acid; Urban areaArticolo in rivista ambienteSpataro, Francesca; Ianniello, Antonietta; Esposito, Giulio; Allegrini, Ivo; Zhu, Tong; Hu, Min
2013Contribution of contaminated sites to the global mercury budgetMercury; Global; Contaminated site; EmissionArticolo in rivista areaKocman, David; Horvat, Milena; Pirrone, Nicola; Cinnirella, Sergio
2013Earth science infrastructures interoperability: The brokering approachGEOSS; Brokering approach; Earth sciences cyber-infrastructure; EarthCube; intermediation services; multi-disciplinary interoperabilityArticolo in rivista areaNativi, Stefano; Craglia, Max; Pearlman, Jay
2013Social [and health] relevance of psychotropic substances monitoring in airAirborne particulate; Cocaine; Cocaine/nicotine ratio; Drug abuse prevalence assessment; Illicit psychotropic substancesArticolo in rivista EmergentiCecinato, Angelo; Balducci, Catia; Mollica, Roberto; Serpelloni, Giovanni
2013Managing uncertainty in integrated environmental modelling: The UncertWeb frameworkInteroperability; Model web; Uncertainty; Uncertainty propagation; UncertWeb; Visualisation; Web servicesArticolo in rivista areaBastin, Lucy; Cornford, Dan; Jones, Richard; Heuvelink, Gerard B.M.; Pebesma, Edzer; Stasch, Christoph; Nativi, Stefano; Mazzetti, Paolo; Williams, Matthew
2013Study on the reduction of atmospheric mercury emissions from mine waste enriched soils through native grass cover in the Mt. Amiata region of ItalyMercury emissions; Mercury-enriched soil; Native-grass coverArticolo in rivista areaFantozzi, L.; Ferrara, R.; Dini, F.; Tamburello, L.; Pirrone, N.; Sprovieri, F.
2013Assessing water quality in the northern adriatic sea from hicotm dataArticolo in rivista areaBraga, Federica; Giardino, Claudia; Bassani, Cristiana; Matta, Erica; Candiani, Gabriele; Strömbeck, Niklas; Adamo, Maria; Bresciani, Mariano
2013Comparing the performance of Teflon and quartz membrane filters collecting atmospheric PM: Influence of atmospheric waterMass closure; Aerosol sampling; Chemical characterisation; Filters; Water contentArticolo in rivista ambientePerrino, Cinzia; Canepari, Silvia; Catrambone, Maria
2013PEDOT:PSS coated titania nanofibers for NO2 detection: Study of humidity effectsElectrospinning; PEDOT:PSS; Humidity; Nanofibers; Nitrogen dioxideArticolo in rivista avanzataZampetti, E.; Macagnano, A.; Pantalei, S.; Bearzotti, A.
2013A high sensitive NO2 gas sensor based on PEDOT-PSS/TiO 2 nanofibresElectrospinning; Asthma monitoring; Hybrid gas sensor; PEDOT-PSS; Titania nanofibrous scaffoldArticolo in rivista avanzataZampetti, Emiliano; Pantalei, Simone; Muzyczuk, Anna; Bearzotti, Andrea; De Cesare, Fabrizio; Spinella, Corrado; Macagnano, Antonella
2013Mercury as a global pollutant: Sources, pathways, and effectsArticolo in rivista areaDriscoll, Charles T.; Mason, Robert P.; Chan, Hing Man; Jacob, Daniel J.; Pirrone, Nicola
2014Shared Solutions to Tackle Restoration Restrictions and Requirements for Cultural Landscape and the Sustainable Conservation of Cultural HeritageBuilt Heritage Regeneration; Building Information Modeling; Decision Support Systems; Cultural Heritage Sustainable ManagementContributi in atti di convegno areaGigliarelli, Elena; Quattrone, Giuliana
2014Particle size distribution of n-alkanes and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHS) in urban and industrial aerosol of Algiers, Algerian-Alkanes; Organic aerosol; PAH diagnostic ratio; PAHs; Size distributionArticolo in rivista EmergentiLadji, R.; Yassaa, N.; Balducci, C.; Cecinato, A.
2014Seasonal variations in the chemical composition of particulate matter: A case study in the Po Valley. Part I: Macro-components and mass closureAtmospheric stability; Chemical speciation; Mass closure; Particulate matter; Po ValleyArticolo in rivista ambientePerrino, C.; Catrambone, M.; Dalla Torre, S.; Rantica, E.; Sargolini, T.; Canepari, S.
2014EARTh: An environmental application reference thesaurus in the linked open data cloudEARTh; environment; Linked Data; SKOS; thesaurusArticolo in rivista areaAlbertoni, R.; De Martino, M.; Di Franco, S.; De Santis, V.; Plini, P.
2014Particulate matter and gaseous pollutants in the Mediterranean Basin: Results from the MED-PARTICLES projectAerosol; Air pollution; PM trends; Southern EuropeArticolo in rivista ambienteKaranasiou, Angeliki; Querol, X.; Alastuey, Andres; Perez, N.; Pey, J.; Perrino, C.; Berti, G.; Gandini, M.; Poluzzi, V.; Ferrari, S.; de la Rosa, J.; Pascal, L.; Samoli, E.; Kelessis, A.; Sunyer, J.; Alessandrini, E.; Stafoggia, M.; Forastiere, F.; Angelini, P.; Bisanti, L.; Cadum, E.; Catrambone, M.; Chiusolo, M.; Davoli, M.; De'Donato, F.; Demaria, M.; Grosa, M.; Faustini, A.; Pandolfi, P.; Pelosini, R.; Pietrodangelo, A.; Pizzi, L.; Priod, G.; Randi, G.; Ranzi, A.; Rowinski, M.; Scarinzi, C.; Stivanello, E.; Zauli-Sajani, S.; Dimakopoulou, K.; Elefteriadis, K.; Katsouyanni, K.; Maggos, T.; Michalopoulos, N.; Pateraki, S.; Petrakakis, M.; Rodopoulou, S.; Sypsa, V.; Artiñano, B.; Barrera-Gómez, J.; Basagaña, X.; Diaz, J.; Jacquemin, B.; Linares, C.; Ostro, B.; Tobias, A.; Bidondo, M.; Declercq, C.; Le Tertre, A.; Lozano, P.; Medina, S.; Pascal, M.
2014Use of the PAH fingerprints for identifying pollution sourcesAmbient pollution; Diagnostic (concentration) ratios; Molecular markers; Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons PAH; Source apportionmentArticolo in rivista, Angelo; Guerriero, Ettore; Balducci, Catia; Muto, Valeria
2014Psychotropic substances in indoor environmentsAirborne particulate; Cannabis; Cocaine; Illicit drugs; Indoor environments; Psychotropic substancesArticolo in rivista EmergentiCecinato, Angelo; Romagnoli, Paola; Perilli, Mattia; Patriarca, Claudia; Balducci, Catia
2014Prod-trees: Semantic search for earth observation productsSearch Engine; European Space Agency; Search Criterion; Ontology Concept; Text AreaContributi in atti di convegno areaKarpathiotaki, M.; Dogani, K.; Koubarakis, M.; Valentin, B.; Mazzetti, P.; Santoro, M.; Di Franco, S.
2014Importance of ship emissions to local summertime ozone production in the mediterranean marine boundary layer: A modeling studyMediterranean; modeling; Ozone; ShippingArticolo in rivista areaGencarelli, Christian N.; Hedgecock, Ian M.; Sprovieri, Francesca; Schürmann, Gregor J.; Pirrone, Nicola
2014Integration of field and laboratory spectral data with multi-resolution remote sensed imagery for asphalt surface differentiationAsphalt; Ikonos; MIVIS; Quickbird; Spectral angle mapperArticolo in rivista areaMei, Alessandro; Salvatori, Rosamaria; Fiore, Nicola; Allegrini, Alessia; D'Andrea, Antonio
2014Spectral modelling used to identify the aggregates index of asphalted surfaces and sensitivity analysisAsphalt; Aggregate; Sensitivity; Spectral indices; Supervised classificationArticolo in rivista areaManzo, Ciro; Mei, Alessandro; Salvatori, Rosamaria; Bassani, Cristiana; Allegrini, Alessia
2014Aerosol and ozone observations during six cruise campaigns across the Mediterranean basin: Temporal, spatial, and seasonal variabilityCruise campaigns; Mediterranean basin; Saharan dust; Shipping emissions; Spatial variability; TracersArticolo in rivista areaBencardino, Mariantonia M.; Pirrone, Nicola N.; Sprovieri, Francesca F.
2014Platinum nanoparticles on electrospun titania nanofibers as hydrogen sensing materials working at room temperatureArticolo in rivista avanzataFratoddi, Ilaria; Macagnano, Antonella; Battocchio, Chiara; Zampetti, Emiliano; Venditti, Iole; Russo, Maria V.; Bearzotti, Andrea
2014Global atmospheric cycle of mercury: A model study on the impact of oxidation mechanismsMercury; Air-sea exchange; Deposition fluxes; Global; Modelling; OnlineArticolo in rivista areaDe Simone, F.; Gencarelli, C. N.; Hedgecock, I. M.; Pirrone, N.
2014Sources of PM in an industrial area: Comparison between receptor model results and semiempirical calculations of source contributionsParticulate matter; Elemental fractionation; Macro-source calculations; Po valley; Positive matrix factorizationArticolo in rivista ambienteFarao, Carmela; Canepari, Silvia; Perrino, Cinzia; Harrison, Roy M.
2014Mercury in the Mediterranean. Part 2: Processes and mass balanceMercury; Mass balance; Mediterranean Sea; Methylmercury; Transformations; TransportArticolo in rivista areaŽagar, Dušan; Sirnik, Nataša; Četina, Matjaž; Horvat, Milena; Kotnik, Jože; Ogrinc, Nives; Hedgecock, Ian M.; Cinnirella, Sergio; De Simone, Francesco; Gencarelli, Christian N.; Pirrone, Nicola
2014Biogenic and anthropogenic organic components of Saharan sandsEnvironmental pollution; Long range transport; Organic fraction; Saharan dustsArticolo in rivista EmergentiBalducci, Catia; Ladji, Riad; Muto, Valeria; Romagnoli, Paola; Yassaa, Nourredine; Cecinato, Angelo
2014The GEOSS solution for enabling data interoperability and integrative researchGEOSS; Interoperability; Brokering approach; Communities of practice; Data sharing; Integrative research; Multidisciplinary research infrastructureArticolo in rivista areaNativi, Stefano; Mazzetti, Paolo; Craglia, Max; Pirrone, Nicola
2014A diagnostic evaluation of modeled mercury wet depositions in Europe using atmospheric speciated high-resolution observationsMercury; Chemistry transport model; CMAQ; Wet and dry deposition; GEM, GOM, PBM, RGMArticolo in rivista areaBieser, J.; De Simone, F.; Gencarelli, C.; Geyer, B.; Hedgecock, I.; Matthias, V.; Travnikov, O.; Weigelt, A.
2014Modeling radon behavior for characterizing and forecasting geophysical variables at the atmosphere-soil interfaceBoundary layer (BL); Earthquakes; Ground deposition; Modeling; Radon; Soil emanationContributi in volume areaPasini, Antonello; Salzano, Roberto; Attanasio, Alessandro
2014Italian civil protection 2.0: Towards a resilient information management frameworkDisaster resilience; Information management; VTCs; Web 2.0Contributi in atti di convegno areaRapisardi, Elena; Di Franco, Sabina; Giardino, Marco
2014Spatial and seasonal variability of carbonaceous aerosol across ItalyParticulate matter; Elemental carbon; OC/EC ratio; Organic carbon; SOAArticolo in rivista ambienteSandrini, Silvia; Fuzzi, Sandro; Piazzalunga, Andrea; Prati, Paolo; Bonasoni, Paolo; Cavalli, Fabrizia; Bove, Maria Chiara; Calvello, Mariarosaria; Cappelletti, David; Colombi, Cristina; Contini, Daniele; de Gennaro, Gianluigi; Di Gilio, Alessia; Fermo, Paola; Ferrero, Luca; Gianelle, Vorne; Giugliano, Michele; Ielpo, Pierina; Lonati, Giovanni; Marinoni, Angela; Massabò, Dario; Molteni, Ugo; Moroni, Beatrice; Pavese, Giulia; Perrino, Cinzia; Perrone, Maria Grazia; Perrone, Maria Rita; Putaud, Jean Philippe; Sargolini, Tiziana; Vecchi, Roberta; Gilardoni, Stefania
2014PAHs modelling over urban area of Rome: Integration of models results with experimental dataData fusion approach; Lazio region; PAHs concentration; PAHs emission; Particulate pahsContributi in atti di convegno EmergentiGariazzo, Claudio; Silibello, Camillo; Finardi, Sandro; Radice, Paola; D'Allura, Alessio; Gherardi, Monica; Cecinato, Angelo
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