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Archivio delle pubblicazioni: VQR 2015-2019

2017Environmental impact of biomass and polyethylene waste co-firing: emissions of particulate matter, PCDD/Fs and DL-PCBsArticolo in rivista inquinantiMosca, S, Guerriero, E, Rotatori, M, Perilli, M, Benedetti, P, Cerasa, M, Budonaro, A
2018Innovative fast SPE for the extraction of PCDD/Fs and dl-PCBs in aqueous samples - preliminary assessmentArticolo in rivista inquinantiM, Cerasa, M, Mosca, S, Budonaro, A, Paris, E, Guerriero, E, Rotatori, M
2018Preliminary validation studies on ACF passive sampler for PCDD/Fs and PCBs in waterArticolo in rivista inquinantiCerasa M, Mosca S, Budonaro A, Guerriero E, Rotatori M, Bacaloni A
2018WG1 IAS: Identità del PM urbano in Italia - casi studio estratti dal Dataset Nazionale di speciazione chimicaContributo in atti di convegno ambienteA. Pietrodangelo, S. Becagli, A. Bigi, M.C. Bove, E. Brattich, R. Caggian, G. Calzolai, D.Cappelletti, D. Cesari, C. Colombi, D. Contini, A. Donateo, L. Ferrero, V. Gianelle, S. Iacobellis, P. Ielpo, F. Lucarelli, M. Masiol, C. Perrino, M.G. Perrone, P. Prati, A. Riccio, L. Tositti, R. Udisti, E. Venturini, R. Vecchi
2017Vacuum swing adsorption on natural zeolites from tuffs in a prototype plantBiogas; pressure swing adsorption; adsorption; methane; zeolitesArticolo in rivista inquinantiPetracchini, Francesco; Paolini, Valerio; Liotta, Flavia; Paciucci, Lucia; Facci, Enrico
2015Trends in daily temperature extremes over the Basilicata region (southern Italy) from 1951 to 2010 in a Mediterranean climatic contextBasilicata; Climate; Extreme temperature indices; Mediterranean basin; Southern Italy; TrendsArticolo in rivista areaPiccarreta, Marco; Lazzari, Maurizio; Pasini, Antonello
2019New records of monthly temperature extremes as a signal of climate change in ItalyClimate change detection; climatic extremes; constant climate hypothesis; temperature historical recordsArticolo in rivista areaAmendola, Stefano; Maimone, Filippo; Pelino, Vinicio; Pasini, Antonello
2017Analysis of polychlorodibenzo-p-dioxins and polychlorodibenzofurans in stationary source emissions in GC-MS/MS using hydrogen as the carrier gasDioxins; emissions; furans; hydrogen; tandem mass spectrometryArticolo in rivista inquinantiBenedetti, Paolo; Guerriero, Ettore; Mosca, Silvia; Rotatori, Mauro
2017Climate model pluralism beyond dynamical ensemblesArticolo in rivista areaMazzocchi F, Pasini A.
2018Remotely controlled terrestrial vehicle integrated sensory system for environmental monitoringGas sensors; Monitoring system; UGVContributo in atti di convegno ambiente, Sensoristica avanzataZampetti E.; Papa P.; Di Flaviano F.; Paciucci L.; Petracchini F.; Pirrone N.; Bearzotti A.; Macagnano A.
2019Asbestos treatment technologiesAsbestos-containing materials (ACM); Microwave; Supercritical waterArticolo in rivista inquinantiPaolini, Valerio; Tomassetti, Laura; Segreto, Marco; Borin, Daniele; Liotta, Flavia; Torre, Marco; Petracchini, Francesco
2018Seasonal occurrence, source evaluation and ecological risk assessment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in industrial and agricultural effluents discharged in Wadi El Bey (Tunisia)Molecular signatures; Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs); Agricultural effluents; Carcinogenic risk assessment; Industrial effluents; Water pollutionArticolo in rivista emergentiGdara, Imen; Zrafi, Ines; Balducci, Catia; Cecinato, Angelo; Ghrabi, Ahmed
2016Indoor air quality at life and work environments in Rome, ItalyIndoor air; Indoor/outdoor concentration ratio; PAHs; PM2.5; Rome; Volatile organic compoundsArticolo in rivista ambiente, Inquinanti emergentiP. Romagnoli , C. Balducci , M. Perilli, F. Vichi, A. Imperiali and A. Cecinato
2017Influence of transport from urban sources and domestic biomass combustion on the air quality of a mountain areaBiomass burning; Diffusive sampling; Air pollution; Molecular signatures; Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs); Source apportionmentArticolo in rivista ambiente, Inquinanti emergentiPetracchini F, Romagnoli P, Paciucci L, Vichi F, Imperiali A, Paolini V, Liotta F, Cecinato A
2017Air quality study in the coastal city of Crotone (Southern Italy) hosting a small-size harborPAHs; Airborne particulates; Harbor; Inorganic pollutants; n-alkanesArticolo in rivista ambiente, Inquinanti emergentiRomagnoli P.; Vichi F.; Balducci C.; Imperiali A.; Perilli M.; Paciucci L.; Petracchini F.; Cecinato A.
2017Psychotropic substances in house dusts: a preliminary assessment.Gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC-MSD); House dust; Indoor pollution; NIST SRM-2585 house dust standard reference material; Psychotropic substances (PSs)Articolo in rivista emergentiCecinato, Angelo; Romagnoli, Paola; Perilli, Mattia; Balducci, Catia
2019Air pollution survey across the western Mediterranean Sea: overview on oxygenated volatile hydrocarbons (OVOCs) and other gaseous pollutantsMarine boundary layer (MBL); Mediterranean Sea; Oxygenated volatile organic compounds (OVOCs); Ozone; Principal component analysis (PCA); Sulfur dioxideArticolo in rivista ambienteVichi, Francesca; Imperiali, Andrea; Frattoni, Massimiliano; Perilli, Mattia; Benedetti, Paolo; Esposito, Giulio; Cecinato, Angelo
2017A novel pilot scale multistage semidry anaerobic digestion reactor to treat food waste and cow manureAmmonia removal; Mesophilic methanogenesis; Two-stage; VFAArticolo in rivista inquinantiF. Petracchini, F. Liotta, V. Paolini1, M. Perilli, D. Cerioni, F. Gallucci, M. Carnevale, A. Bencini
2019Air Quality LegislationAir quality; Air pollution; Air quality guidelines; Air quality legislation; Air quality standards; Environmental policies; Health effect; Human health; Pollutant; StandardsContributo in volume ambienteA Fino
2016Gaseous pollutants in the city of Urumqi, Xinjiang: spatial and temporal trends, sources and implicationsAir quality; NOx; Principal component analysis; SO2; VOCArticolo in rivista inquinantiPetracchini F.; Paciucci L.; Vichi F.; D'Angelo B.; Aihaiti A.; Liotta F.; Paolini V.; Cecinato A.
2015Quantifying the influences of atmospheric stability on air pollution in Lanzhou, China, using a radon-based stability monitorAir pollution; Atmospheric stability; Radon; Pasquil-Gifford; Stability monitorArticolo in rivista ambienteScott D. Chambers, Fenjuan Wang, Alastair G. Williams, Deng Xiaodong, Hua Zhang ,Giovanni Lonati, Jagoda Crawford, Alan Griffiths, Antonietta Ianniello and Ivo Allegrini
2015A new methodology to assess the performance and uncertainty of source apportionment models II: The results of two European intercomparison exercisesParticulate matter; Source apportionment; Intercomparison exercise; Model performance indicators; Model uncertainty; Receptor modelsArticolo in rivista ambienteBelis, C. A.; Karagulian, F.; Amato, F.; Almeida, M.; Artaxo, P.; Beddows, D. C S; Bernardoni, V.; Bove, M. C.; Carbone, S.; Cesari, D.; Contini, D.; Cuccia, E.; Diapouli, E.; Eleftheriadis, K.; Favez, O.; El Haddad, I.; Harrison, R. M.; Harrison, R. M.; Hellebust, S.; Hovorka, J.; Jang, E.; Jorquera, H.; Kammermeier, T.; Karl, M.; Lucarelli, F.; Mooibroek, D.; Nava, S.; Nøjgaard, J. K.; Paatero, P.; Pandolfi, M.; Perrone, M. G.; Petit, J. E.; Petit, J. E.; Pietrodangelo, A.; Pokorná, P.; Prati, P.; Prevot, A. S H; Quass, U.; Querol, X.; Saraga, D.; Sciare, J.; Sfetsos, A.; Valli, G.; Vecchi, R.; Vestenius, M.; Yubero, E.; Hopke, P. K.
2016Assessing the contribution of water to the mass closure of PM10Atmospheric stability; Ammonium nitrate; Desert dust; PM macro-sources; PM-bound waterArticolo in rivista ambientePerrino, C.; Catrambone, M.; Farao, C.; Canepari, S.
2016Civil aviation impacts on local air quality: A survey inside two international airports in central ItalyAir quality; Diffusive sampling; Airport; Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonsArticolo in rivista ambienteVichi, Francesca; Frattoni, Massimiliano; Imperiali, Andrea; Balducci, Catia; Cecinato, Angelo; Perilli, Mattia; Romagnoli, Paola
2016Levels of organic compounds in interiors (school, home, university and hospital) of Ouargla city, AlgeriaPolycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; n-Alkanes; Indoor pollution; Dust; Passive sampling; Polar organic compoundsArticolo in rivista emergentiBoudehane, A.; Lounas, A.; Moussaoui, Y.; Balducci, C.; Cecinato, A.
2016Quantifying stability influences on air pollution in Lanzhou, China, using a radon-based "stability monitor": Seasonality and extreme eventsAir pollution; Atmospheric stability; Extreme events; Haze prediction; RadonArticolo in rivista ambienteFenjuan Wang, Scott D. Chambers, Zhenyi Zhang, Alastair G. Williams, Deng Xiaodong, Hua Zhang, Giovanni Lonati, Jagoda Crawford, Alan Griffiths, Antonietta Ianniello, Ivo Allegrini
2019An inclusive view of Saharan dust advections to Italy and the Central Mediterranean TCeilometer remote-sensing of dust; Central Mediterranean air quality; Precipitation scavenging; Saharan dustArticolo in rivista ambienteG.P. Gobbi , F. Barnaba , L. Di Liberto , A. Bolignano , F. Lucarelli , S. Nava , C. Perrino , A. Pietrodangelo, S. Basart, F. Costabile, D. Dionisi, U. Rizza, S. Canepari, R. Sozzi, M. Morelli, M. Manigrasso, F. Drewnicki, C. Struckmeier, K. Poenitz, H. Wille
2016Particulate PAHs and n-alkanes in the air over Southern and Eastern Mediterranean SeaMediterranean Sea; PAHs; Airborne particulates; Marine atmosphereArticolo in rivista emergentiRomagnoli, Paola; Balducci, Catia; Perilli, Mattia; Perreca, Erica; Cecinato, Angelo
2017In-vivo assesment of the genotoxic and oxidative stress effects of particulate matter on Echinogammarus venerisBio-accumulation; Comet test; Elemental solubility; Formamido pyrimidine DNA glycosylase; PM chemical compositionArticolo in rivista ambienteMarcoccia, Melissa; Ronci, Lucilla; De Matthaeis, Elvira; Setini, Andrea; Perrino, Cinzia; Canepari, Silvia
2017Pharmaceutical substances in ambient particulates: A preliminary assessmentAirborne particulates; Environmental contaminants; GC-MSD analysis; Methyl,tertzbutylsilyl-trifluoroacetamide (MTBSTFA); PharmaceuticalsArticolo in rivista emergentiCecinato A.; Romagnoli P.; Perilli M.; Balducci C.
2017Volatilization and oxidative artifacts of PM bound PAHs at low volume sampling (2): Evaluation and comparison of mitigation strategies effects.Atmospheric pollution; Ozone denuder; PM bound PAHs; Sampling artifactsArticolo in rivista emergentiBalducci, Catia; Cecinato, Angelo; Paolini, Valerio; Guerriero, Ettore; Perilli, Mattia; Romagnoli, Paola; Tortorella, Carmela; Nacci, Renato Michele; Giove, Aldo; Febo, Antonio
2018Volatilization and oxidative artifacts of PM bound PAHs collected at low volume sampling (1): Laboratory and field evaluationPAHs; Atmospheric PM; EU sampling reference method; Oxidative degradation; VolatilizationArticolo in rivista emergentiBalducci, Catia; Cecinato, Angelo; Paolini, Valerio; Guerriero, Ettore; Perilli, Mattia; Romagnoli, Paola; Tortorella, Carmela; Iacobellis, Silvana; Giove, Aldo; Febo, Antonio
2018Influence of advanced wood-fired appliances for residential heating on indoor air qualityBiomass burning; Elemental composition; Closed fireplace; Particulate matter; Pellet stoveArticolo in rivista ambienteFrasca D.; Marcoccia M.; Tofful L.; Simonetti G.; Perrino C.; Canepari S.
2019Biomass burning contribution to PM10 concentration in Rome (Italy): Seasonal, daily and two-hourly variationsAtmospheric mixing; Domestic heating; Levoglucosan; Natural radioactivity; PM sourcesArticolo in rivista ambientePerrino C.; Tofful L.; Torre S.D.; Sargolini T.; Canepari S.
2016Carbon Dioxide Removal with Tuff: Experimental Measurement of Adsorption Properties and Breakthrough Modeling Using CFD ApproachBiogas upgrading; natural zeolites; CO2 adsorption; computational fluid dynamics (CFD); pressure swing adsorption (PSA)Articolo in rivista inquinantiAquino, Andrea; Bonamente, Emanuele; Buratti, Cinzia; Cotana, Franco; Castellani, Beatrice; Paolini, Valerio; Petracchini, Francesco
2015Short-term effects of particulate matter constituents on daily hospitalizations and mortality in five South-European cities: Results from the MED-PARTICLES projectParticulate matter; Chemical constituent; Hospital admissions; Mortality; SpeciesArticolo in rivista ambienteBasagana X.; Jacquemin B.; Karanasiou A.; Ostro B.; Querol X.; Agis D.; Alessandrini E.; Alguacil J.; Artinano B.; Catrambone M.; de la Rosa J.D.; Diaz J.; Faustini A.; Ferrari S.; Forastiere F.; Katsouyanni K.; Linares C.; Perrino C.; Ranzi A.; Ricciardelli I.; Samoli E.; Zauli-Sajani S.; Sunyer J.; Stafoggia M.; Alessandrini E.; Angelini P.; Berti G.; Bisanti L.; Cadum E.; Catrambone M.; Chiusolo M.; Davoli M.; de'Donato F.; Demaria M.; Gandini M.; Grosa M.; Faustini A.; Ferrari S.; Forastiere F.; Pandolfi P.; Pelosini R.; Perrino C.; Pietrodangelo A.; Pizzi L.; Poluzzi V.; Priod G.; Randi G.; Ranzi A.; Rowinski M.; Scarinzi C.; Stafoggia M.; Stivanello E.; Zauli-Sajani S.; Dimakopoulou K.; Elefteriadis K.; Katsouyanni K.; Kelessis A.; Maggos T.; Michalopoulos N.; Pateraki S.; Petrakakis M.; Rodopoulou S.; Samoli E.; Sypsa V.; Agis D.; Alguacil J.; Artinano B.; Barrera-Gomez J.; Basagana X.; delaRosa J.; Diaz J.; Fernandez R.; Jacquemin B.; Karanasiou A.; Linares C.; Ostro B.; Perez N.; Pey J.; Querol X.; Salvador P.; Sanchez AM; Sunyer J.; Tobias A.; Bidondo M.; Declercq C.; LeTertre A.; Lozano P.; Medina S.; Pascal L.; Pascal M.
2016A new method for assessing the contribution of Primary Biological Atmospheric Particles to the mass concentration of the atmospheric aerosolSize distribution; Particulate matter; Bioaerosol; Epifluorescence microscopy; Mass closure; Propidium iodideArticolo in rivista ambientePerrino, Cinzia; Marcovecchio, Francesca
2016Cocaine and cannabinoids in the atmosphere of Northern Europe cities, comparison with Southern Europe and wastewater analysisCocaine; Atmosphere; Illicit drugs; PM10; Wastewater analysisArticolo in rivista emergentiBalducci C.; Green D.C.; Romagnoli P.; Perilli M.; Johansson C.; Panteliadis P.; Cecinato A.
2018Indoor exposure to particles emitted by biomass-burning heating systems and evaluation of dose and lung cancer risk received by populationBiomass burning; Heating system; Lung cancer risk; Particle dose; Particle surface area; Ultrafine particlesArticolo in rivista inquinantiStabile, L.; Buonanno, G.; Avino, P.; Frattolillo, A.; Guerriero, E.
2019Organic molecular markers in marine aerosols over the Western Mediterranean SeaMediterranean Sea; Airborne particulates; Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; Marine aerosols; n-AlkanesArticolo in rivista emergentiRomagnoli P.; Balducci C.; Perilli M.; Esposito G.; Cecinato A.
2019A combined chemical/size fractionation approach to study winter/summer variations, ageing and source strength of atmospheric particlesBiomass burning; Elemental composition; MOUDI impactor; Size distribution; Source tracersArticolo in rivista ambienteCanepari, S.; Astolfi, M. L.; Catrambone, M.; Frasca, D.; Marcoccia, M.; Marcovecchio, F.; Massimi, L.; Rantica, E.; Perrino, C.
2018Relationship between domestic smoking and metals and rare earth elements concentration in indoor PM2.5PM2.5; Cigarette smoke; Heavy metals; Indoor; Rare earth elements; Respiratory healthArticolo in rivista ambienteDrago G, Perrino C, Canepari S, Ruggieri S, L'Abbate L, Longo V, Colombo P, Frasca D, Balzan M, Cuttitta G, Scaccianoce G, Piva G, Bucchieri S, Melis MR, Viegi G, Cibella F
2019CO2/CH4 separation by hot potassium carbonate absorption for biogas upgradingBiofuels; Biogas upgrading; Biomethane; CH4; Water scrubbing absorptionArticolo in rivista inquinantiPaolini, Valerio; Torre, Marco; Giacopini, Walter; Pastori, Maurizio; Segreto, Marco; Tomassetti, Laura; Carnevale, Monica; Gallucci, Francesco; Petracchini, Francesco; Guerriero, Ettore
2016The use of suitable pseudo-invariant targets for MIVIS data calibration by the empirical line methodEmpirical line method; MIVIS; Pseudo-invariant targetArticolo in rivista areaMei A.; Bassani C.; Fontinovo G.; Salvatori R.; Allegrini A.
2015Assessment of land cover changes in Lampedusa Island (Italy) using Landsat TM and OLI dataChange detection; Lampedusa; Land cover; Landsat 8; NDVI; QGISArticolo in rivista area, Emissioni inquinantiMei A.; Manzo C.; Fontinovo G.; Bassani C.; Allegrini A.; Petracchini F.
2016Integrated remote sensing for multi-temporal analysis of anthropic activities in the south-east of Mt. Vesuvius National ParkAirborne hyperspectral; Change detection; Downscaling; Landfill; LMSA; Remote sensingArticolo in rivista areaManzo, C.; Mei, A.; Fontinovo, G.; Allegrini, A.; Bassani, C.
2018Spatio-temporal analysis of prodelta dynamics by means of new satellite generation: the case of Po river by Landsat-8 dataProdelta area; Sediment dispersion; Spatial pattern; SST; TurbidityArticolo in rivista ambienteManzo, Ciro; Federica, Braga; Luca, Zaggia; Ernesto, Brando Vittorio; Claudia, Giardino; Mariano, Bresciani; Cristiana, Bassani
2018Characterisation and cleaning of biogas from sewage sludge for biomethane productionBiogas; Pressure swing adsorption; Sewage sludge; Siloxanes; ZeoliteArticolo in rivista ambiente, Emissioni inquinantiPaolini, Valerio; Petracchini, Francesco; Carnevale, Monica; Gallucci, Francesco; Perilli, Mattia; Esposito, Giulio; Segreto, Marco; Occulti, Leandro Galanti; Scaglione, Davide; Ianniello, Antonietta; Frattoni, Massimiliano
2017Fishing bacteria with a nanonetArticolo in rivista avanzataDe Cesare F., Di Mattia E., Macagnano A.
2016Illicit psychotropic substances in the air: The state-of-art.Airborne particulates; Indoor pollution; Amphetamines; Cocaine; Psychotropic substances; Δ9-TetrahydrocannabinolArticolo in rivista emergentiCecinato, Angelo; Balducci, Catia; Perilli, Mattia
2017Top-down approach from satellite to terrestrial rover application for environmental monitoring of landfillsChange detection; Landfill; Remote sensing; 3d model; GIS; Rover; ThermalArticolo in rivista areaC. Manzo, A. Mei, E. Zampetti, C. Bassani, L. Paciucci, P. Manetti
2017Exploitation of an integrated microheater on QCM sensor in particulate matter measurementsAtmospheric particulate matter; Micro-heater; QCM; SensorArticolo in rivista inquinanti, Sensoristica avanzataZampetti E.; Macagnano A.; Papa P.; Bearzotti A.; Petracchini F.; Paciucci L.; Pirrone N.
2019A review of quartz crystal microbalances for space applicationsContamination monitoring; Molecular and particulate contamination; Outgassing; Quartz crystal microbalance; Satellite contamination; Spacecraft contaminationArticolo in rivista avanzataDirri F.; Palomba E.; Longobardo A.; Zampetti E.; Saggin B.; Scaccabarozzi D.
2016Humidity effects on a novel eco-friendly chemosensor based on electrospun PANi/PHB nanofibresEco-friendly chemosensor; Electrospinning; Nanofibres; Poly-3-hydroxybutirrate; PolyanilineArticolo in rivista avanzataMacagnano A.; Perri V.; Zampetti E.; Bearzotti A.; De Cesare F.
2017A study of a QCM sensor based on pentacene for the detection of BTX vapors in airAir quality control; Benzene; BTX; Gas sensors; Pentacene; Polymeric thin film; QCM transducer; Toluene; XyleneArticolo in rivista avanzataBearzotti A.; Macagnano A.; Papa P.; Venditti I.; Zampetti E.
2017Elemental mercury vapor chemoresistors employing TIO2 nanofibers photocatalytically decorated with Au-nanoparticlesArticolo in rivista 0925-4005Sensoristica avanzataAntonella Macagnano, Viviana Perri , Emiliano Zampetti, Anna Marie Ferretti, Francesca Sprovieri, Nicola Pirrone, Andrea Bearzotti, Giulio Esposito, Fabrizio De Cesare
2017Seasonal variation of PAHs concentration and source attribution through diagnostic ratios analysisSource apportionment; Benzo[a]pyrene BaP; Diagnostic (concentration) ratios; Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAH; Urban air pollutionArticolo in rivista emergentiFinardi S.; Radice P.; Cecinato A.; Gariazzo C.; Gherardi M.; Romagnoli P.
2017Effect of a positive Sea Surface Temperature anomaly on a Mediterranean tornadic supercellArticolo in rivista areaMiglietta, Mario Marcello; Mazon, Jordi; Motola, Vincenzo; Pasini, Antonello
2017Attribution of recent temperature behaviour reassessed by a neural-network methodArticolo in rivista areaPasini, Antonello; Racca, Paolo; Amendola, Stefano; Cartocci, Giorgio; Cassardo, Claudio
2017Mesoscale organization of titania thin films enables oxygen sensing at room temperatureArticolo in rivista avanzataPietro Rassu, Luca Malfatti, Davide Carboni, Maria F. Casula, Sebastiano Garroni, Emiliano Zampetti, Antonella Macagnano, Andrea Bearzotti , Plinio Innocenzi
2019A study on the dependence of bacteria adhesion on the polymer nanofibre diameterArticolo in rivista avanzataFabrizio De Cesare, Elena Di Mattia, Eyal Zussman and Antonella Macagnano
2018A small heterobifunctional ligand provides stable and water dispersible core-shell CdSe/ZnS quantum dots (QDs)Articolo in rivista avanzataGianluca Salerno, Simona Scarano, Marianna Mamusa, Marco Consumi, Stefano Giuntini, Antonella Macagnano, Stefano Nativi, Marco Fragai, Maria Minunni, Debora Berti, Agnese Magnani, Cristina Nativi and Barbara Richichi
2016Biogas cleaning and upgrading with natural zeolites from tuffsBiogas; biomethane; hydrogen sulphide; natural zeolites; pressure swing adsorptionArticolo in rivista inquinantiPaolini, Valerio; Petracchini, Francesco; Guerriero, Ettore; Bencini, Alessandro; Drigo, Serena
2018Environmental impact of biogas: A short review of current knowledgeAir quality; anaerobic digestion; biogas; digestate; renewable energy; secondary aerosol; waste managementArticolo in rivista inquinantiPaolini, Valerio; Petracchini, Francesco; Segreto, Marco; Tomassetti, Laura; Naja, Nour; Cecinato, Angelo
2016Chemical characterization of indoor and outdoor fine particulate matter in an occupied apartment in Rome, ItalyAir quality; Mass closure; Domestic environment; Infiltration; PM macrosources; Quiet samplersArticolo in rivista ambientePerrino, C.; Tofful, L.; Canepari, S.
2016Nuclear metamorphosis in mercuryDeformed space-time reactions; Local Lorentz invariance breakdown; Local Lorentz invariance violation; Matter transformations; Nuclear reactions; Piezo-nuclear reactions, ultrasound; Second law of thermodynamics; Solidification; TransmutationsArticolo in rivista inquinantiCardone, F.; Cardone, F.; Albertini, G.; Bassani, D.; Cherubini, G.; Cherubini, G.; Guerriero, E.; Mignani, R.; Mignani, R.; Monti, M.; Petrucci, A.; Ridolfi, F.; Rosada, A.; Rosetto, F.; Sala, V.; Santoro, E.; Spera, G.
2017Deformed space-time transformations in MercuryDeformed space-time reactions; local Lorentz invariance; mercury; neutrons; nuclear transformations; ultrasoundArticolo in rivista inquinantiCardone, F.; Albertini, G.; Bassani, D.; Cherubini, G.; Guerriero, E.; Mignani, R.; Monti, M.; Petrucci, A.; Ridolfi, F.; Rosada, A.; Rosetto, F.; Sala, V.; Santoro, E.; Spera, G.
2016Simultaneous measurement of nitrous acid, nitric acid, and nitrogen dioxide by means of a novel multipollutant diffusive sampler in libraries and archivesArchive; Diffusive sampling; Indoor/outdoor ratio; Library; Nitric acid; Nitrogen dioxide; Nitrous acidArticolo in rivista ambienteVichi, Francesca; Maskova, Ludmila; Frattoni, Massimiliano; Imperiali, Andrea; Smolik, Jiri
2017A multi-source approach for Environmental Point of Interest detection in landfillsLandfill; Remote sensing; Environmental pollution; Photogrammetric survey; Sensors; Thermal analysisArticolo in rivista inquinantiMei A.; Manzo C.; Zampetti E.; Petracchini F.; Paciucci L.
2017Biomass evaluation by the use of Landsat satellite imagery and forestry dataRemote sensing; Landsat; Above-ground biomass; Forest management plan; Spectral indexArticolo in rivista inquinantiMei Alessandro; Salvatori Rosamaria; Bassani Cristiana; Petracchini Francesco
2018Thermally Driven Selective Nanocomposite PS-PHB/MGC Nanofibrous Conductive Sensor for Air Pollutant DetectionMesoporous graphene; Electrospinning technology; Gas/VOCs conductive sensor; Hybrid and nanocomposite polymer nanofibers; Sensor working temperature effectsArticolo in rivista avanzataAvossa, Joshua; Zampetti, Emiliano; De Cesare, Fabrizio; Bearzotti, Andrea; Scarascia-Mugnozza, Giuseppe; Vitiello, Giuseppe; Zussman, Eyal; Macagnano, Antonella
2015Ultrafine Particles in Residential Indoors and Doses Deposited in the Human Respiratory SystemSize distribution; Aerosol; Ultrafine particles; Deposition doses; Human respiratory system; Indoors; MPPDArticolo in rivista inquinantiMaurizio Manigrasso, Pasquale Avino, Ettore Guerriero
2016Effect of the Aerosol Type Selection for the Retrieval of Shortwave Ground Net Radiation: Case Study Using Landsat 8 DataAtmospheric correction; Aerosol; Earth observation; Landsat; Shortwave ground net radiationArticolo in rivista ambienteBassani, Cristiana and Manzo, Ciro and Zakey, Ashraf and Cuevas-Agull?, Emilio
2019Wood chip drying through the using of a mobile rotary dryerDrying process; Rotary dryer; Thermal energy; Wood chipsArticolo in rivista inquinantiDel Giudice, Angelo; Acampora, Andrea; Santangelo, Enrico; Pari, Luigi; Bergonzoli, Simone; Guerriero, Ettore; Petracchini, Francesco; Torre, Marco; Paolini, Valerio; Gallucci, Francesco
2018Use of Gold Nanoparticles as Substrate for Diffusive Monitoring of Gaseous MercuryGaseous mercury; Gold nanoparticles; PollutionArticolo in rivista ambiente, Sensoristica avanzataPapa, Paolo; Fratoddi, Ilaria; Venditti, Iole; Vichi, Francesca; Macagnano, Antonella; Zampetti, Emiliano; Bearzotti, Andrea
2018Passive Sampling of Gaseous Elemental Mercury Based on a Composite TiO2NP/AuNP LayerAunps; Mercury vapors adsorbing layer; Pas device; Photocatalysis; Tio2npsArticolo in rivista avanzataAntonella Macagnano, Paolo Papa, Joshua Avossa, Viviana Perri, Marcello Marelli, Francesca Sprovieri, Emiliano Zampetti, Fabrizio De Cesare, Andrea Bearzotti and Nicola Pirrone
2019Electrospinning of Polystyrene/Polyhydroxybutyrate Nanofibers Doped with Porphyrin and Graphene for Chemiresistor Gas SensorsChemosensor; Electrospinning deposition; H2TPP; Mesoporous graphene; Nanocomposite conductive polymers; Polyhydroxibutyrate; Polystyrene; VOCs selectivityArticolo in rivista avanzataJoshua Avossa, Roberto Paolesse, Corrado Di Natale, Emiliano Zampetti, Giovanni Bertoni, Fabrizio De Cesare, Giuseppe Scarascia-Mugnozza and Antonella Macagnano
2019Catechol-Loading Nanofibrous Membranes for Eco-Friendly Iron Nutrition of PlantsElectrospinning; Biostimulants; Catechol; Duckweeds; Fe-chelating agents; Lemna minor L.; Nanofibrous membranes; Plant nutritionArticolo in rivista avanzataDe Cesare, Fabrizio; Pietrini, Fabrizio; Zacchini, Massimo; Mugnozza, Giuseppe Scarascia; Macagnano, Antonella
2015Effect of the Aerosol Model Assumption on the Atmospheric Correction over Land: Case Studies with CHRIS/PROBA Hyperspectral Images over BeneluxAerosol model; Atmospheric correction; CHRIS; CHRIS@CRI; FlexAOD; GEOS-Chem; HyperspectralArticolo in rivista ambienteCecilia Tirelli; Gabriele Curci; Ciro Manzo; Paolo Tuccella; Cristiana Bassani
2015PET and PVC separation with hyperspectral imageryHyperspectral imaging; NIR; PET; Plastic polymers; PVC; RecyclingArticolo in rivista areaMoroni M.; Mei A.; Leonardi A.; Lupo E.; La Marca F.
2019Microcosm Experiment to Assess the Capacity of a Poplar Clone to Grow in a PCB-Contaminated SoilAntioxidant defence; Monviso clone; Natural-based remediation strategies; Plant physiology; Soil microbial communitiesArticolo in rivista inquinantiIsabel Nogues , Paola Grenni , Martina Di Lenola, Laura Passatore, Ettore Guerriero, Paolo Benedetti, Angelo Massacci, Jasmin Rauseo and Anna Barra Caracciolo
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