During the eighth meeting of the Global Mercury Partnership Advisory Group (PAG8), held in Geneva, the leaders of the eight identified priorities for action – or partnership areas – working within UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) Global Mercury Partnership, have been awarded with a certificate of appreciation for the work done in the last years on mercury pollution.

The certificates have been delivered by Mr Fernando Lugris, Chair of the Minamata Convention Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee and Mr. Jacob Duer, Principal Coordinator of the Interim Secretariat of the Minamata Convention.

Nicola Pirrone, Director of the Institute of Atmospheric Pollution Research – National Research Council of ITALY (CNR-IIA), co-leading Mercury Air Transport and Fate Research Partnership Area (F&T) together with David Evers, Director of the Biodiversity Research Institute (BRI – USA), has received the following acknowledgment:

“CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION is awarded to Nicola Pirrone

Co-lead of the Air Transport and Fate Partnership Area

in appreciation of his commitment

and outstanding contribution to the

UN Environmental Global Mercury Partnership”

Given on 22 September 2017, Geneva, Switzerland