Finanziamento: Subcontracting ATG su fondi ESA
Periodo: Ottobre 2022 – Settembre 2026
Budget totale progetto:€ 1.800.000,00
Budget totale CNR IIA:€ -
Responsabile Scientifico: Paolo Mazzetti

Abstract del progetto

The “Arrangement for ESA’s Assistance to the Italian National Project concerning Earth Observation and Space Transportation”, ESA/LEG/525 Paris, 22 December 2021, defines the conditions of ESA technical assistance to the Presidency of Council of Ministries of the Italian Republic for the swift implementation of the Italian “Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza”, particularly in the domain of Earth Observation and Space Transportation. The implementation of ESA assistance defined in the Arrangement is overseen by a joint Steering Board composed by ESA representatives and by representatives of the Council of Ministers of Italian Republic and of the Italian Space Agency (ASI).

CNR-IIA was selected as one of the consultancy providers for ESA by the project coordinator (ATG). Requests to CNR-IIA might concern:
- Provision of specialized consultancy or execution of technical tasks (e.g., Digital Twin of Italy architecture)
- Execution of technical reviews
- Coordination of task forces of disciplinary domain experts from CNR and academic organization for the design of Digital Twins
Specialized engineering support is requested under this contract to support the specification, implementation, testing, integration, validation, and early operations of the upstream, downstream and services elements of the EO-PNRR-IRIDE-Project.
The Agency shall submit engineering support requests as they materialize along the project lifetime. Requests might concern:
- Provision of specialized consultancy or execution of technical tasks (e.g. one-shot mission analysis for inclusion of a new constellation, review of Technical Notes addressing specialized topics (e.g. Telecommands and telemetry encryption), monitoring of System Validation Tests (SVTs), specification and technical monitoring of the implementation of some system elements, etc.)
- Execution of technical reviews or status checks, to support the IPT in assessing the progress status of implementation activities by industries
ATG Italy Srl
CNR-IIA, Italy
Solenix, Switzerland
Alia Space, Italy
PWC, France

Francesco Petracchini
Paolo Mazzetti
Stefano Nativi