Financed by: European Commission and German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety
Period: January 2020 – Dicember 2022


36 months

€ 9.500.000,00


On going


Environmental degradation is a major problem in Iran. The country faces profound challenges, which include water scarcity, air pollution, poor waste management, and pressure on marine ecosystems. The challenges are the result of a combination of both increasing climate change-effects and sub-optimal domestic management. The impacts negatively affect the socioeconomic development potential of the country if effectiveness of environmental management is not increased.

The EU and Iran decided to cooperate on environmental protection in 2016 under a Special Measure on Support to Sustainable Development.



The  overarching goal of the project is to improve collaborative and participatory environmental management capacities of the Iranian government. The project aims to enhance the quality and implementation of existing policies for sustainable management of (1) water, (2) air, (3) waste, and (4) marine environment. Experts from eight European institutions jointly with Iranian experts from the Ministry of Energy and the Department of Environment and further relevant organisations will review environmental legislation, planning procedures and technical standards. Climate change related aspects are considered for the sectoral policies. In two pilot regions, stakeholder oriented processes for the implementation of integrated water management as well as for air quality and solid waste management are strengthened.



The project has the following objectives (outputs):

  • Integrated and stakeholder oriented management of surface and groundwater resources is strengthened.
  • Air quality standards and assessment of air quality in metropolitan regions are enhanced.
  • Approaches for solid waste management are improved.
  • Capacities for marine environmental monitoring are strengthened.


While improving environmental policy in the specific areas of the programme, the broader ambition is to offer examples/approaches, which can be used for a subsequent up-scaling and translation into other fields relevant to Iranian environmental policy. With this aim, experiences from the piloting will support the Iranian partners in revising national policies and via the Iranian partners, results will be made available across the entire country.



  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, GIZ, GERMANY (Coordinator)
  • Institute of Atmospheric Pollution Research, CNR-IIA, ITALY
  • Water Research Institute, CNR-IRSA, ITALY
  • Environment Agency AUSTRIA,
  • Finnish Environment Institute, SYKE, FINLAND
  • Finnish Meteorological Institute, FMI, FINLAND
  • Maltese Ministry for Energy and Water Management EWA, MALTA
  • Office International de l’Eau, OIEau, FRANCE.
Catia Balducci

Catia Balducci

Scientific Responsible


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Alessandra Fino

Responsible for management


Tiziana Davanzo

Economic-administrative management


Ettore Guerriero

Scientific expert


Monica Palozzo

Economic-administrative management


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Simone Berti

Performer of financial reportings